Southeast Asia pack released!

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Southeast Asia pack released!

Message par bovsam » ven. 21 avr. 2017 08:09

The Southeast Asia pack is a new major extension for FSX@War covering Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.

Most airports and lima sites have been realistically modelized according to historical data to reproduce their unique 70s look along with plenty of other strategic sites such as bridges, harbours, factories, army camps,... All in all, more than 50 detailled airbases are part of this pack and every single strategic site can be destroyed with any FSX@War-supported weapons!

A campaign composed with 8 complex CCP missions is also provided. They are focused on Lima Site 85 events and they are definitely quite challenging! Moreover you are not tied to a single aircraft, you can choose between different aircrafts to fly a given mission, which will make you assume another role each time. If you fly a mission in an F-4, you are not going to face the same challenge than in A-7 and most of the time you are not even going to get the same task.

At the moment, North Vietnam and Laos have maximal coverage and we plan to improve other countries as time pass with more airports, more strategic site and more missions. Consider this SEA pack as an initial build because looking at the quantity of 3rd-gen TacPack-powered aircrafts, while FSX/P3D being the only simulators where you can fly over the Southeast Asia battlefields, we are definitely going to keep on developing some more content!

Download link : FSX@War Southeast Asia Pack
Before you start,you should read the read-me file, which contains the required informations to install and to use the pack properly.

Enjoy ! ;)


=== Credits ===

Many thanks to SimWork Studio and Virtavia for providing free 3D models to be used in the SEA pack.

SimWork Studio SimWorks Studios is a newly formed developement team, with the intent of producing high quality add-ons for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X and
Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D simulators. They are long time simmers with a passion for aviation and creation and as everyone, seeking for the most challenging,
enjoyable and high quality add-on. The same mindset that they used in the add-ons they created and the ones they are working on.

Virtavia is a well-known development team, offering probably the widest variety of high-quality and affordable military aircrafts for FSX and P3D.

SEA pack developers:

Skyspin; missions, airbases and historical researches. Skyspin is a member of the FSX@War dev-team and has already developed another pack: the Carribean Theatre that you can find on the FSX@War forum
Padre288; strategic sites airbases.
StuB; historical researches on the SEA conflict.
Hangar200; airbases and 3D modeling. Hangar200 is developer at ESCI Flightsim Publications. More than missions, ESCI products are flight simulation adventures.
Bovsam; coordination and project management.

SEA pack beta-testers:

Chris_Pel, developers of free military missions to be used with TacPack-powered aircrafts.
Wood, leader of Virtual Carrier Wing 3, which is a virutal squadron dedicated to Superbug pilots.
Blue, member of the FSX@War dev-team, author of great tutorials for TacPack pilots. ... UHp1IMjHyA

Cougar FFW04
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Re: Southeast Asia pack released!

Message par Cougar FFW04 » ven. 21 avr. 2017 14:26

Hi guys,

Congrats :mrgreen:

Well done :aviateurfou :aviateurfou

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Re: Southeast Asia pack released!

Message par Skyspin » lun. 2 oct. 2017 03:50

FSX@WAR SEA Pack version 1.2.7 is now available here: ...

This update includes several minor fixes including the Tank Car for rail use and several added VC sites in the Mekong Delta along with other added sites.


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Re: Southeast Asia pack released!

Message par Skyspin » dim. 17 déc. 2017 00:38

I have created a new FSX@War SEA Pack version 1.2.9 which is now available here : ...

This update reduces the number of targets in the North Vietnam Hanoi and Haiphong areas because of object saturation of adjacent platforms. This setup may improve your frame per second and provide a smoother simulation.
With the addition of the Milviz F-4 J/S to being TacPacked it is now quite easy to design CCP missions from the Gulf of Tonkin where air strikes can be
initiated off a carrier and recovery can be of the same. Even though some target platforms have been removed, by using CCP targets, convoys, AI, and even moving trains can be added just about anywhere to create mission objectives.
After installation of this setup be sure to open up FSX@War, go to Tactical Engagement, Create Campaign, add a campaign. You can give it a new name or overwrite Southeast Asia campaign. You then must "SAVE" the campaign.
Any feedback is appreciated.


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