Campagne à Taiwan - Taiwan Campaign

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Campagne à Taiwan - Taiwan Campaign

Message par bovsam » dim. 22 mars 2015 10:23

English translation below

Some roads spawn over ocean, will be investigated
Times in the briefings are not properly wrotten, consider them as GMT 12 hours format, corrected for 14 missions

Works now in P3D and FSX SE

13.05.2015 update 1.4:
FSX SE compatibility added
10 more briefings have been translated into English.
CAP missions have been reworked
Others changes are listed in the corresponding post below.
Download link is below.

L'arrivée du Tacpack a amené une multitude de nouveaux horizons pour la simulation militaire au sein de FSX. En pouvant détruire des objectifs avec l'armement du Tacpack, les limites de FSX étaient repoussées et le besoin d'une campagne militaire commençait à se faire senti. Grâce au CCP et à la mise à jour du TacPack il devint possible de faire ce qu'on peut appeler la base d'une campagne.
Voici donc une campagne de 70 missions en vol libre se déroulant à Taiwan (les missions NE sont PAS des missions au sens FSX comme celle provenant du pack acceleration mais je n'ai pas d'autres termes que missions pour les définir). Cette campagne est un scénario fictif où un groupe terroriste à pris le contrôle de l'île et où une coalition internationale doit les en déloger.

Chaque mission comporte:
  • -Un briefing ( les 35 premiers en anglais et en français, les autresen français uniquement pour le moment).
    -Un fichier .tps (TacPack scenario) qui place les sites de SAM, les tankers et certains SimObjects.
    -Souvent un ou plusieurs fichiers CCP qui placent le ou les convois.
    -Un fichier MU ou un plan de vol qui correspond au but de la mission et qui contient certaines coordonnées utiles telles que les objectifs, le bullseye ou encore l'aéroport de déroutement.
    -Des fichiers de trafic AI qui placent des avions alliés et ennemis à différents aéroports mais qui ne combattront pas.
Toutes ces missions suivent une trame globale qui se divise en sept phases dont chacune consiste à reprendre le contrôle d'une partie de l'île.

Le pack FSX acceleration, le CCP et le TacPack sont nécessaire pour utiliser cette campagne c'est pourquoi aucune fonctionnalité n'est garantie sous P3D (elles le seront plus tard).Cette campagne est équilibrée pour le solo mais peut très bien être utilisée en multi, elle fonctionne parfaitement, exception faite de légers problèmes de synchronisations des SimObjects dans certaines missions.

Comme il peut y avoir des bugs ou des incohérences j'attends vos commentaires, qui sont pour moi le seul moyen d'améliorer cette campagne, si possible accompagné d'un fichier ACMI.

Lisez le fichier pdf de présentation "Campagne Taiwan" en entier.

Bon vol!


Lien de téléchargement: ... sp=sharing

The TacPack has brought to FSX a lot of new military possibilities. Therefore the need of a military campaign became a priority. Thanks to CCP and to the TacPack update it is now possible to have the "basement" of a campaign. Here is a 70 "free flight" missions campaign taking place to Taiwan (these are NOT "missions" in the FSX sense like the ones that come with the acceleration pack but I have no better word to describe them). This campaign has a fictional scenario: terrorists have now the control of Taiwan and an international coalition must regain control of Taiwan.

Each of the 70 missions has:
  • - A briefing (the 35 ones are in English and in French the others are in French only).
    - A .tps file (Tacpack scenario) that place SAM sites, tankers and some SimObjects.
    - Most of the time one or more CCP files that places some convoys.
    - An MU file or a flight plan according to the mission task, it contains useful coordinates like bullseye, targets or airports.
    - AI traffic file that place allied and enemy flights at different airports, these planes will NOT engage you.
All these missions have a global plot divided into seven phases, in each phase you will have to regain the control of one area of Taiwan.

FSX Accelearation pack, CCP and Tacpack are necessary to use this campaign therefore no functionnalities are guaranteed under P3D (but will be in the future). This campaign is balanced for SP mode but works well in MP even if some minors SimObjects synchronisation issues might occur in some missions.

There may be some bugs or nonsense, I am waiting for your comments (and an ACMI file), they are for me the only way to improve it.
Read the .pdf file called "Taiwan campaign".

Sorry for all my English mistakes, it is not my mother language.



Download link: ... sp=sharing

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Re: Camapgne à Taiwan - Taiwan Campaign

Message par Chris_Pel » dim. 22 mars 2015 12:00

Now this is huge !... Thank you bovsam for this.
The first Campaign Scenario over here, "showing the way" for how people can contribute
with this project and the first chance for all of us to test CCP in practice ... :!:

I say these, cause a member advised me that since people are not very familiar with CCP yet,
It would be good if I would provide also some scenario with CCP files (like yours) for people to
fly CCPAIFire with.
So here are 70 scenarios !!! Linked to a whole Campaign... :eek

I'll download and fly it cause I'm very curious !...

Now :
- AI traffic file that place allied and enemy flights at different airports, these planes will NOT engage you.
Are these planes flying just straight from A to B, or they may have several intermediate Waypoints during their flight (and maybe
in different altitudes also) ?
Cause we can make'em fight allright... Single Player Only and via a modified CCPAIFire Mission, tailored
to the Campaign area this time and with a different specific for this campaign name.

What I'm thinking is hostile planes able to bomb certain areas (with explosion effects & changes to the scenery) if player does not
intercept/destroy them before they reach over there. Quite similar with what CCP vehicles do with the Objective Area at CCPAIFire.
They could also shoot player down, but since they mostly fly straight, I see no challenge to this.

Anyway. Good Job !

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Re: Camapgne à Taiwan - Taiwan Campaign

Message par bovsam » dim. 22 mars 2015 12:14

Yesterday I have tried to use 2 missions with your code and I think it worked fine so yes people can use your code and spawn convoys and other stuffs with this campaign.
Maybe it is not very clear but the AI planes will not fight at all and they will just fly from A to B BUT they will fly in a kind of echelon right formation of two planes.
But I was thinking of integrating the VRS drone with the task "follow aircraft" with your "MIG-dogfight code" (I don't know how you call it ;) )
The main problem is that SAM sites will shoot it down because it is impossible to attribute a team to a AI plane except the VRS tanker (that I use for CAP mission as well as for refueling).
And last thing some static targets are managed via TacPack and not CCP, reason why there is not as many CCP files as mission.
Anyway if there is possibility to work with you I will be glad to accept it :)

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Re: Camapgne à Taiwan - Taiwan Campaign

Message par Chris_Pel » dim. 22 mars 2015 13:05

First of all, I went through almost all the .pdfs included in the Campaign
and I'm very impressed ! :eek
Your Campaign looks and I'm sure is very interesting and will keep v-pilots occupied for
many - many interesting flying hours just like it is right now...

Though French are Greek to me... the pdfs are very straightforward due to pictures and the
briefings short and to the point.

Let me "shape" in my mind a proposal for you Campaign and I'll be back... :idea:

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Re: Camapgne à Taiwan - Taiwan Campaign

Message par Chris_Pel » dim. 22 mars 2015 14:58

Now, from what I can understand from your "Free Flight Missions" briefings,
the Objectives for the user may be :

- to destroy some ground targets
- to destroy AI flying with Flight Plans
- to destroy SAM sites
- to destroy CCP convoys

What can be done through Mission code and your Campaign :

1. Mission can check if an object/s exists after some point of the Mission. If still
exists declares (trigger) the Mission failed.
Examples : user should have destroyed some certain ground targets, AI planes, SAM sites, etc. or
Mission can check if SAM/s have been placed via Tacpack to the environment, for the Mission code
to proceed further with the mission ("player can't cheat" by not placing the SAM that your "mission" predicts). Or upon SimObjects destruction (doesnot exist), may trigger various events. eg "target destroyed" Sound file (or whatever...)

2. SimObjects (CCP Units or AI in Fl. Plans) that manage to reach at an area, may trigger various
events such as : "Mission Failed", External Cameras featuring something, Sound messages,
Effects & scenery changes, etc....

3. All the features that CCPAIFire Mission includes.

All the above, more or less, can be included in just one Mission named say "Taiwan Campaign" (or whatever). That is, since player follows your briefings, thus using different files - from these you provide - for every mission. This is the "generic" way. Similar to the "logic" of CCPAIFire.

Or we can go more Mission to Mission or Mission Chapter specific (70 FSX Missions or 7 FSX Missions), more specialized and mored tailored to the design of your "Free Flight Missions".

In the second case, many more features and conditions may be applied of course, like the "Mig Interception" situation you said, AIs that player may order them to do things (via Menus, eg, "Loiter here", "Head to there", "Attack Targets", etc) and.. and... Much more work of course.
There could also be 2 versions of this (just a Copy/Paste), the one F-18 Superbag specific, that
player gets rewards (such badges & staff) for completing each mission...

Well, limit it's the imagination. Though I can't strictly commit to such a project due to RL matters currently, your work definitely deserves some of the above described. It's just a pitty, Tacpack does not run in FSX MP Missions. It would make for some great MP flying, but on the other hand, Tacpack possesses other advanced features.

So, if you want and decide for a go "the Mission way" for Single Playing, think of the above choices and taking your time, provide me for a "mission" or a "mission chapter" some details in English, about player objective/s, SimObjects in use (regardless of CCP, VRS tps, AI Flight plan) and also what you'd like to see happening with that in Mission and I'll come up with something for you to judge if it worths the effort for us, for doing more with this Campaign.
But I would also like to hear what other people think of such an idea. Positive feedback is always motivating cause it's a lot of work... and if there is not much interest for this (due to MP priority or whatever), well in that case...we can also certainly make few for our "fun" and sense of accomplishment and that's it.

At the bottom line, when FSX@War v2 comes out, more or less, the most of the above will be there.
We're just a bit in a harry :biggrin

Cheers !

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Re: Campagne à Taiwan - Taiwan Campaign

Message par bovsam » dim. 22 mars 2015 15:35

First thing: thanks for the feedback!
Your analysis of the possibilities sounds really interesting but I have absolutely no skills on doing FSX-missions so I will not be able to help you. However a generic "Taiwan-Campaign" mission or some specific missions could be really interesting but as you said prior to take a decision I will wait for feedbacks and begin to translate some briefings into English. If you want to try some things, do test or whatsoever you are free to do it. In fact I am really interested of what you can do with this campaign.
As you said Tacpack does not support MP mission and FSX@WAR v2 will bring new functionalities therefore I think that this campaign can stay as it is now if you don't have time to try things, I will keep it updated depending on the Tacpack or CCP developpements anyway.
Again, thanks for your comments and interest.

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Re: Camapgne à Taiwan - Taiwan Campaign

Message par motus » lun. 23 mars 2015 20:52


Désolé, je n'ai pas le temps de tester tes missions, même si ça me taquine bien. Merci de partager ton travail avec nous.

Bravo encore et surtout continue, on aime ça.

A bientôt.


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Re: Campagne à Taiwan - Taiwan Campaign

Message par bovsam » lun. 23 mars 2015 21:15

Merci pour ces encouragements Motus, c'est toujours un plaisir de savoir que l'un des développeurs du CCP apprécie cette initiative :mrgreen: , d'ailleurs félicitations pour le CCP qui fonctionne très bien! :yourock

Si il y a un moyen d'utiliser de futures fonctionnalités de FSX@WAR avec cette campagne, j'essayerai de les intégrer, je serai d'ailleurs intéressés par une description plus précise des fonctionnalités de FSX@WAR (façon dont on peut coder/modifier des éléments, façon dont l'emplacement des éléments est codés dans un fichier, etc... ) évidemment s'il n'est pas possible pour toi ou autre membre de répondre pour l'instant, ce n'est pas un drame.

A l'heure actuelle, il y a malheureusement quelques soucis avec le comportement des tankers, ainsi qu'avec l'emplacement de certaines cibles mais je suis en train de les corriger et publierai une petite mise à jour dans les prochains jours avec les 10 premiers briefings traduits en anglais.

Encore une fois, si certains pilotes rencontrent des incohérences, merci de me le signaler, elles seront bien plus facile et rapide à corriger pour moi. ;)

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Re: Campagne à Taiwan - Taiwan Campaign

Message par Majestic » mer. 25 mars 2015 17:58

Ca m'a l'air pas mal tout cela mais je cherche le dossier "Add-on/VRS misc/Debug/Scenario.....puor charger les fichiers *.tps..

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Re: Campagne à Taiwan - Taiwan Campaign

Message par bovsam » mer. 25 mars 2015 18:42

J'ai peur de ne pas avoir été clair... Ce n'est pas un dossier mais un onglet dans FSX.
En étant en vol ou sur un parking:

- Tu appuie sur ALT
- Dans la barre de menu qui s'affiche, tu sélectionnes VRS_MISC
- Un menu s'affiche et tu sélectionne "Debug"
- Un autre menu s'affiche et tu sélectionnes "Scenario"
- Ensuite une fenêtre s'ouvre depuis laquelle tu sélectionnes le fichier .tps

Si tu ne trouves pas, n'hésite pas à me dire, je publierai des captures d'écran.


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